Under the Harvest Moon

This time of year is about reaping what was planted in the growing time.  Look to your Springtime goals, dear reader, and see what you have accomplished.  Do you still need to do more on certain projects?  Are there others that have fallen dormant but you still hold on to? 


With the Autumnal Equinox having just passed (in the northern Hemisphere), this is a time to give yourself permission to let go of goals you cannot, realistically accomplish by year's end.  Sometimes, if something, whether a physical being or an idea, goes dormant, it is best to let it rest and reemerge when it is ready, hungry, and full of life.  It is then that the animal in your mind-palace might fully awaken and thrive.  Without that drive and hunger most goals and ideas do not reawaken from their dormancy.  However, that is the way of nature.  There are those that do not survive the winter. 

Make sure your goals and actions move you forward toward being the person you wish to become.  Even when, or if that road goes through the harsh winter months, know that you will emerge and bloom again in the spring.  This is a time of powering down the external and turning inward. 


You might want to start thinking about how you will achieve your goals in the coming year and what they will be.  That is all well and good, but do not forget present in your pursuance of your desired future.  And while some botanical attributes go dormant in the cold months, others are magnified.  As life and enerfy leaves the leaves and branches, it gathers in thr roots, waiting for the right conditions. 

Moreover, while the northern hemisphere is preparing for the dark times, the southern hemisphere is bathed in light.  Remember that.  In darkness, there is light, and in light dark. The best way can describe it is with the image of the Yin & Yang.  Should you need it, during the dark times, know that you can focus the light, within the dark, should the darkness become too present, depressive, or silent.  The converse is also true.  If you are in a region entering its' summer months, note how you react to your environment.  Just as you can focus the light, from the darkness, so too can you focus the darkness in the light.  Sometimes, high energy is overwhelming and you need to step back and check in with yourself.  Take care of yourself.

Till nexr time.  Be well.