Lessons from the barrel cactus


Greetings, dear friends.  Today's bit of plant wisdom is brought to you by the golden barrel cactus.  For those of you who have been readers for a while, this is the same species as my cactus friend, Bob


While the long, beautiful spines of a mature barrel cactus are truly a sight to behold, they are woven so tightly together, across the cactus' ribs that any environmental detritus that falls on or around the cactus, becomes entangled.


The tight spines prevent anything from escaping from between.  This causes some ribs to attrophy, some to erode, and some to just be dirty and generally disheveled.

Remember: Like the barrel cactus, it's ok to protect yourself.  It's ok to be prickly.  Sometimes, that's the only language other humans understand.  However, unless you let yourself release the pain and hurts, they will lead to your destruction.  If you constantly channel the cactus, you may feel protected, but only due to a lack of interraction with others.

Remember also, that if that tendency continues for long enough, it becomes habit and habits are by their very nature often difficult to break.  Being on constant high alert is not good for the psychological, physical, nor emotional body.  You need to remember to retract your armor, actually communicate with others, and lance your wounds, if needed (whatever form they might take). 

Self care is necessary and sorely lacking in many scenarios.  Take time to breathe.  

Be well, dear friends.

Till next time,