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Some Updates and General Life Things

Hey, all! I wanted to come on here and let you know that I’ll be posting new articles shortly, but life, health, and new projects have kept me away. I’ve been sick off and on for the past two weeks, after a run-in with unlabeled butter in a bag of popcorn. Been dealing with bad head-cold symptoms ever since. I’m feeling loads better now, though so that’s a positive. Now my system just has to re-calibrate… again.

In other news, I’ve launched a new podcast. By the time this is posted, it should be linked in the upper right corner of the screen, but I’ll put a link below anyway. It’s entitled “Botany After Dark” and discusses the dark mysteries of the plant world. Here, we explore the darker and more potentially polarizing, side of botany.

New episodes will be uploaded every Wednesday or Thursday. Enjoy.



The Whomping Willow as the World Tree

The Whomping Willow as the World Tree

Forewarning to all ye who enter here: Thar be spoilers on this page.  So in the event you have somehow not yet read or watched anything of the Potterverse, you have been warned.  Let us proceed.  

The World Tree, in its many forms, is often depicted with the Overworld, the branches, representing the future, the spirit realm, and sometimes thought and possibility.  These are all unknown quantities most of the time and often thought to be subject to change based on current events.