Happy Moon Day!

Greetings again, dear reader. 

I was just informed that today is National Moon Day, in the US, comemorating the 1969 moon landing.  It was indeed "one small step for a man and one giant leap for mankind." 

Neil Armstrong, Apollo 11 Moon Landing, 20 July, 1969.

Neil Armstrong, Apollo 11 Moon Landing, 20 July, 1969.

I would also like to take today to celebrate the moon's general awesomeness.  The gravitational fluctuation between Moon and Earth is the entire reason we have tides.  In a lot of respects, it is thought to be this tidal churning that largely made it possible for life to exist in the ancient seas at all.  

Go outside tonight, if you can, and look up.  People often forget the sky, especially in cities, crowded with metal and cement structires.  The moon is there, as she's always been, even when the night is cloudy.  Tonight, she is in the first quarter phase. *And yes, I realize that in some histories and languages, the moon is masculine.

Take a deep breath when you need to and be well.

Till next time, 


 *images from Pixabay