Things I learned from Plants (a Series): #1. Strong roots let you grow tall.

Have you ever noticed, dear reader, how a an unbalanced, top-heavy thing is prone to collapsing?  Some things are balanced by having a flat base on which to build, brick structures forming in orderly fashion.  Some have a reasonably stable base and overall structure, but topple when the weather or environment changes.  Others behave like the great trees, sending deep roots into the earth to anchor themselves.  It is these botanical beings that often survive climatic changes and other hardships.

Brimham Rocks, Brimham Moor, Yorkshire.  Source: TimHill,

Brimham Rocks, Brimham Moor, Yorkshire.  Source: TimHill,

It is entirely possible to grow and grow quickly without this base. Sometimes, that is even preferable for gardeners, especially when needing to harvest flowers. However, while additives can be mixed into soil to boost growth and shorten time prior to blooming (often phosporous is recommended), it comes at the expense of the rest of the plant.  Often, the rest of the plant is not strong or developed enough and collapses under its own weight.  When a stalk shoots up and uses its energy in thos manner, the plant's vascular system is not able to develop the same way as it would were the plant growing at its regular rate.  


Send down strong roots, so that you might stand tall, as the great trees, lifting your canopy to the sky.  Take pride in yourself and your accomplishments, whatever they may be and hold your head high.  As an aside, physically standing tall and straight-backed (as much as you can), can both help boost confidence and lessen lower body strain. When your core is misaligned, the rest of your body suffers.  

Each person needs to find their own balance.  Just like stones and plants, everyone has their own facets, opinions, limitations, and strengths.  Give yourself permission to walk through life letting the light catch and refract across you, showing your true self to the world.  Give yourself permission to fully embody your truth, whatever it may be.   Here, I will put the caveat that you also maintain your safety.  Humans can be cruel, as well as kind, so know your environment and respond accordingly.  To borrow another botanical metaphor, make sure your soil is well-nourished and irrigated properly for your needs.  

Be well and know your roots are part of an intrinsic. living framework that makes up our entire encompassing ecosystem.  You are important.

Till next time,