Seeds of Potential: Part 2 of Ancestors for All Seasons

Good morning, dear friends. This is, as you may have guessed from the title, a continuation from yesterday’s post.


Be as the dormant seed, beginning to germinate in the desiccated trunk of its predecessor, full of potential and vibrant life.

Remember and honor your roots, for they are your foundation and the knowledge of hundreds upon thousands of generations runs through you.  

Care for your stem, your trunk, for it is your physical manifestation in this life and you kind of need that in order to remain a physically-embodied being.  Protect your bark. Pesky critters sometimes try to burrow in. Many are relatively harmless, some are not. Make sure you’re getting enough water. You are an amazing individual, regardless of the part of your life’s journey you are on.

Be aware that as intriguing as they are sometimes, branches need to be trimmed for the overall benefit of the tree.  As you draw from that ageless wisdom in your roots, figure out what branches, be they thoughts or ideas, projects, relationships, or other things that are connected to you, but not intrinsic to yourself that you could remove.  

These are things that are likely to have detrimental or perhaps overwhelming impacts on your current self.  In the case of projects and ideas, this does not necessarily remove them from potentiality. It just sets them in a pile for a time, ready and waiting to be grafted when or if you are able.  However, if the pruning removes detrimental ideas, thoughts, relationships, or habits, make a bonfire and burn them. Remove the branches with rot, disease, or fungus and burn them, neutralizing the invasive element and returning the nutrients to the earth for recalibration.

*This would work by meditating and mentally trimming and watering as needed or physically caring for a tree.

I hope this has helped some of you.  Be well.