Ancestors for All Seasons

*This post was a bit longer than intended and had a natural break, so it will be in two parts.  

It is important to remember the ancestors, dear friends, regardless of the season. All too often, spirits and non-corporeal beings are relegated to the end of October/start of November: Halloween, Samhain, Dia de Los Muertos. 

Autumn begins nature’s tendency to turn inward, making dens and holing up for the winter, and the spirit plane is closer to the living than in other times of the year.  The winter months continue this, freezing potential as it awaits the spring. 

As we go through winter, remember there is potential there.  Remember the ancestors are still present.  As the snowdrops emerge at spring’s beginning, remember those who came before, aiding and enriching the literal and figurative environments in which they inhabit. 

Remember that the past, both your own and that of your ancient dead, has fueled and shaped the person you are becoming.  Humanity is an ever-evolving, ever-arriving species, building on experiences and observations. 

Keep exploring and delving into what that means for you.  

Be well.