Philz Coffee Review

 *NOTE: This post is in no way, shape, or form sponsored, nor do I expect it to be.  I am just genuinely a fan of their products and service.

As often occurs, dear friends, a few days ago at around 2 o'clock, my energy was sapped and I needed some caffeine and food.  Drinking high-caff coffee, sans food never ends well.  I've tried it.  Undergrad studying makes you forget to eat, sometimes. Also craft/art projects.  Not recommended.  Timers and alarms are your friend.  But, I digress.

I stopped for a coffee and stayed for lunch and some blogging at the relatively new Philz Coffee, by Cal State Fullerton.  Now, let me just say that avocado and I tend to have a rocky relationship.  Often it's a bit too oily for me and the body does not approve.  However, in this instance, the ratio of bread to avocado to egg was just right and tasted rather fab in their avocado toast. They'd just received some more gluten-free bread in, too, which made the whole experience all the better.  (Because I could eat it.  In case that wasn't clear.  They weren't going to hand me an egg and half an avocado.  Obviously.)  I will say that I am often told I put too much pepper on my food, compared to the average human's tolerance and taste preferences and the egg had just the right amount for me.  That's something to keep in mind, especially of you have certain food sensitivities.

Their iced mocha is delicious too!... Mostly because I can drink it and not die.  Lookin' at you, Starbucks and Coffee Bean.  More than that though, the sweetness and roast are fully customizable.  That's especially good for anyone who has a go-to drink, but whose sensitivity to sugar changes throughout the month.  Takes the frustration out of coming up with something safe and still palatable.  Anyone with weird food restrictions will be able to appreciate how awesome that is, and basically being able to order straight off the menu without dramatic substitutions.  So, thanks for that, Philz.  It's greatly appreciated.  As an added bonus, all the staff has been super friendly and helpful whenever I've gone in, too.  Well done coffee peeps.  You are all awesome and are a rather large part of what makes the place so welcoming.  10/10 would recommend to a friend, and in case you wanted to stop by, there's locations in the San Francisco/Bay, Los Angeles/Orange, San Diego and Washington, D.C. areas.

Be well, dear friends, and drink coffee responsibly.  None of this loads of caffeine, without food, nonsense.  As previously stated, I've tested it for you and 0/10, do not recommend.  

Till next time, 


PS/QOTD (Question of the Day):  What's your favorite flavor/way to prepare coffee?