Philz Coffee Review

Philz Coffee Review

As often occurs, dear friends, a few days ago at around 2 o'clock, my energy was sapped and I needed some caffeine and food.  Drinking high-caff coffee, sans food never ends well.  I've tried it.  Undergrad studying makes you forget to eat, sometimes. Also craft/art projects.  Not recommended.  Timers and alarms are your friend.  But, I digress.

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Food Fridays: Oatmeal Cookies

A warning if your computer tends to lag: This post has a good number of photos so as to illustrate the baking process.  I tried to minimize how many were included, but there's still quite a few. PSA over, now, on with the show.

Oats, as I've said in previous posts, are a hearty foodstuff that is often eaten as part of muesli, granola, or as hot cereal.  This switches things up a bit, combining the nutrient-dense properties inherent in oats with the oils and energy in peanuts (especially as in this example, we're using crunchy peanut butter, allowing whole nut pieces to be present), dense nutrients of flax, and the brain-boosting, nutrient-rich properties of dark chocolate.  And the whole thing can easily be made vegan and gluten-free... (read more)